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Inden-ya items

We also handle a select assortment of items from Inden-ya Uehara Yushichi in Kofu,
Yamanashi prefecture, including mainly wallets, pouches, business card holders, pass cases and coin purses.
The lineup of items is subject to change; please inquire directly with each store to find out what items are available.
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Each Inden pattern has a distinct meaning and symbolizes a particular wish.

  • Cherry Blossom
    Spiritual beauty, happiness
  • Plum
    Elegance, faithfulness
  • Snow Arabesque
    Trust, confidence
  • Clematis
    Travelers’ joy, sublime
  • American Blue
    Overflowing feelings,
    bond between two people
  • Grape
    Trust, fertility
  • Flower Arabesque
    Long life, prosperity
  • Rose
    Love, gratitude
  • Cherry Blossom and Iris
    Happiness +
    protection from bad luck
  • Dragonfly
    Business success
  • Interlacement
    One fell swoop
  • Interlocking tile
    Long-lasting continuity
  • Checker board
    Long life
  • Blue Wave
    Expectations of great developments
  • Square Chrysanthemum
    Perpetual youth and longevity
  • Tortoiseshell
    Long life
  • Vine Arabesque
    Long life
  • Gourd
    Good health
  • Japanese Iris
    Winning nature, courteousness
  • Chrysanthemum
    Protection from bad luck/evil