Inden Materials

Lacquer develops a deep patina over time.

Lacquer, called “japan” in the West,
has been used in handicrafts and artistic crafts since ancient times as a practical yet decorative material.
Its Japanese name, urushi, is said to have come from the words uruou (moisten) and uruwashi (beautiful).
Over time, the lacquer that is applied to Inden gains clarity and takes on a rich, subdued luster.

Only the finest,
carefully selected parts of deerskin are used.

The different texture and quality of each pelt of deerskin
produces slight variations in color and appearance
in the dyeing process. Such variations bring out the
naturalness of authentic deerskin, and lend a distinct
personality to each product.
Avoiding antler marks that are characteristic of deerskin,
only the finest parts of each pelt are selected and cut for use.

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